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Adult Open Gym  Basketball

Fall 2016
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Open gym is for working professional adults 18+  interested in staying in shape by playing the game of basketball.  Open gym occurs during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Seasons.  A site coordinator is present for all games to confirm all registrants and monitor all game play.  All registration must be completed online for participation in Open gym.  
-All participants must pre-register online for available slots.
-No cash is accepted onsite by site coordinator.
-Bring ID and copy of receipt of payment with you as proof of purchase on game day.
-Check in with site coordinator.

Uniform: A Breakaway Hoops jersey is provided to all new participants

WHAT TO BRING: Functional Basketball Sneakers, Water Bottle, extra t-shirt (black & white), own basketballs.
 *Non basketball glasses are not to be worn at any point on the basketball court.

Skill Level: Open gyms are geared for Casual, Intermediate, and Advance level players

-Sessions are 2 hour intervals
-20 player max per session
-Captains are picked at the beginning of the games
-5 players on a team max
-Everything is 1s and 3 point lines is 2s
-15 minutes running time
-Winning team stays on the court
-First team to 10 or with the highest score @ the end of the 15 minutes wins the game..
-Bring your own basketball balls, water, and playing equipment.
-Players call their own fouls
-No cursing, fighting, foul play, or disrespect of site coordinator will be tolerated. Any such behavior will call for a permanent banned from any Open Gym or Breakaway Hoops sponsored event.

Individual Pricing
$15 per Session

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