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2017 Summer Day Camps  Basketball

Summer 2017
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All camps are co-ed. It is highly recommended participation in camps of  3+ weeks to start seeing significant results. 

NBA PLAYER/ LEGEND'S CAMP (Ages 6-17)(Beginner, Intermediate, Advance Levels)- Campers will learn the techniques and discipline from current and former NBA players on how they reached their goal of becoming an NBA player and much more! There will be opportunities for Q & A, autograph, and picture taking with our special guess.

SHOOTING CAMP (Ages 6-17), (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance Levels)- Campers will develop the skill necessary to become a knock-down specialist.  This session will focus on shooting fundamentals and form. Campers will master a number of different types of shots including shooting off the dribble, jump shots, set shots, etc. Of course, other court skills such as ball handling will be taught. Each day will include exciting full court game play. 

CORE SKILLS CAMP (Ages 6-17), (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance Levels)Campers will work on ball handling, shooting, rebounding, passing, attacking the basket, and defense. An emphasis is placed on game play situational training.

 TRIPLE THREAT (Pass, Shoot, Drive) CAMP (Ages 6-17), (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance Levels)Campers will learn how to become a threat from every position on the court. Campers work on ball handling, creating space from the defender, beating man to man/ zone defender, preventing turnovers, and getting to the basket/ scoring in traffic. Playing in transition will also be stressed. Each day will include exciting full court game play.

BACK COURT CAMP SERIES (Ages 6-17), ( Intermediate & Advance Levels)- Campers will learn the proper fundamentals and  intermediate to advance skills from former or current High School, College, Pro basketball players and coaches. Through proper fundamental teachings and proper technique demonstrations players will gain insights to be a solid back court player (Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward).  Covered topics will include: Intermediate- Advance ball-handling skills, Intermediate-Advance passing skill, Open court and half court scoring skills, Creating your own offense, Creating offense for your teammates, Proper Shooting form and grip,  Midrange & 3-point shooting techniques, Offensive footwork with and without the basketball, Advance one on one moves,  Shooting off the dribble, Defensive Pressure, Transition, Attacking the basketball. The day will conclude with full-court games.  It is highly recommend participants participate in 3+ weekends in the series.

Other Programs (pricing is separate from weekly camps) 

Early Drop Off/ Late Pick Up program:  

Option 1:Early Drop Off starts at 8 am and late pick up ends at 5pm, $50 per week

Option 2:Early Drop Off starts at 8 am and late pick up ends at 5:30pm, $80 per week

Multi-Week Discount (Weekday Camps): 6 weeks or greater, 10% off total price. Must register all weeks at once to receive discount.

Use Coupon CodeEmail for coupon code (

10% Off Sibling Discount for second child. Both children must register for a minimum of 3 weeks. Must register all weeks at once to receive discount.

 Email: for coupon code.

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